Monday, June 16, 2014

Time flys when you're watching chickens grow

This post has been a long time coming, we got our chicks back in March and somehow I haven't posted a single chicken related thing. Shame on me.

Aren't they just so cute! We ordered 35 day old chicks from efowl, I was very surprised when every single chicken came alive.  This was my first experience mailing chicks. One little gal did appear to have a few chicken seizures but she is happy and healthy now, maybe she was just really clumsy and would freak out when she fell? Who knows.

Chicks are way more fun then you would think. (Adult chickens too!) Sure they are cute and fluffy and as much as you'll have fun holding them you will have way more fun just watching them. These cute little guys had fun multiple times playing keep away with a wood chip.

Even your animals will get entertainment from these chicks.

We had our chickens in our house for the first month or so, March in North Dakota is cold! Even our heated garage is a bit too chilly for the little guys. It was also more fun for the girls and I, when could watch them whenever we wanted.

Aren't these guys the cutest?

But soon the day will come when you will be so excited to get them out of your house.  And soon after that, you will be so excited when they moved out of the garage and into the coop.  No more stinky animals in your space...and then you get ducks.

And when they move to the coop and are big and not quite as cute, they will still be lots of fun.  I find myself having 'reasons' to go to see the chickens several times a day. I never thought it would be so entertaining to watch lettuce get eaten one small peck at a time.

I'm really not sure what this guys problem with me is but he only has a problem with me.  Not my kids and not my husband.  But if I go out he seeks me out and tries to eat my entire foot and sometimes my calf too. I can't wait til he is big enough to eat. If he doesn't knock it off I'll be having myself a really small roasted chicken next week. He is mighty lucky he doesn't go after my kids.

Chickens are good for a lot more than just eggs and meat, they are also good entertainment. Both for the girls and I. I love our little farm on the prairie.

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