Sunday, June 8, 2014

Compost bin from pallets

Okay, okay, you got me.  It's not all pallets.  But it is all up-cycled materials! That's still cool right? No? It's okay I get it; pallets are awesome!

Pallets are so awesome I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them.  Follow my pallet Pinterest board. Then make sure you're following this blog so you can see all the awesome things I make from the pallets I just can't quit bringing home. Seriously, when I go to town I feel deep regret if I'm driving home without a pallet in the back of my truck. I may need to lighten up on myself a little; we do have quite the stack going on right now.

I totally failed to take pictures during the process of making this but it's pretty simple. The basic concept is to make a box-like shape out of stuff that is laying around.

I used two pallets for my bin. One for the back and one for the bottom.  I tried to find a couple where the wood slats were closer together than some pallets.  For the sides, I used scraps from an old play set that was left here when we moved in. The front is a piece of wood that blew into our yard one day.  I have no clue where it came from.

Underneath the bottom pallet I put some garden edging pavers.  It keeps the bottom pallet up off the ground and will make it last longer.  It's also possible that it was a completely unnecessary step and a waste of time. But the pavers were laying around and taking up space in my garden shed.

 See how here in present day North Dakota everything is lush and green and beautiful?

I ended up having to add another piece of plywood much more quickly than I thought.  I seriously underestimated the amount of compost we make.  Between the chickens and ducks bedding, the lawn and our household waste it really adds up quickly.

I can't wait for all the good compost to come.

For inside the house, I have THIS compost pail. It's amazing.  The carbon filters do wonders. You can take the lid off and it can stink like crazy in there but with the lid on you can't smell a thing! I highly recommend one if you plan to compost and don't think you will empty your compost bin at least daily and preferably twice a day.  And I will never be that on top of things.

What is your compost bin made out of?

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