Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cheyenne's 2 year old birthday interview

Instead of doing three posts in a row of Cheyenne interviews I decided to stretch them out a bit for before she turn four later this year! Enjoy this blast from the past!


I decided to try and do a two year interview with Cheyenne because she is a supremo talker.  I had to spread it out over a couple of days and she didn't answer all the questions but she did pretty good.  I can't wait for next year when she will answer all of them!

What is your name?  Me Cheyenne (while proudly patting her chest)
What is your mom's name?  You Mommy!   
What is your favorite color? PIIIINNNNNKKKKKKK
What is your favorite toy? aaaaa puppy
What is your favorite cartoon? Zoomie (Team Umizoomie)
What is your favorite game? game
What is your favorite snack? aaaa fruit snack
What is your favorite animal? a doggie
Which do you like more, hunting or fishing?  Fish
What is your favorite book? story book
Who is your best friend? kitty cat
What is your favorite cereal? Popcorn
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Harwee

I love you Cheyenner Nanners! Cake face and all

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