Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!

What a truly magical day. Surrounded by family and friends and just celebrating togetherness! Christmas lights twinkling inside and out. Christmas tree in all its glory. Delicious feast smelling up the home with heavenly scents making everybody hungry. Christmas cookies and treats to cure the seasonal sweet tooth. Seasonal tunes we all know the words to. Presents from loved ones showing caring thoughts. 

All these wonderful things that build up a perfect Christmas. On this day we do need to remember the ones who aren't as blessed. One's who aren't with their loved ones. These are the ones that Christmas needs to bring us together to pray for, think of. Taking our blessings for granted can be all to easy so taking a step back and realizing how blessed we are brings the truth of what Christmas is all about.

So please, Look at what your blessed with. Grab ahold and squeeze onto the ones you love. Cling to cherished holiday memories if the year has you separated from loved ones. Sit down with a hot cup of cider or hot chocolate and think about this truly wonderful holiday that all began with a special little baby boy in a manger. Never forget where it all began.

To sum this all up we just wish you the Merriest of Christmas's! 

As a little Christmas gift here is some favorite holiday tunes! Take a listen, let it play, while you celebrate this great holiday! 

From, Crafty Honey Badgers

Don't like George Strait at all, huh? Ha! 

Once again we wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Stacked Pot

Merry Christmas EVE, EVE!!!!!!!

Last year while staring at all my put up Christmas decorations. I couldn't help but think of more DIY Christmas cheer! The Christmas stacked pot was created.

While shopping I picked up three plastic planters in size sequence. Red outdoor spray paint. Potting soil. A wooden "Merry Christmas" sign. Some fake Christmas greenery. Couple Christmas solar lights. Some extra trimmings from your Christmas tree, or wreath. 

NO snow for my Colorado Christmas? I need all my un raked leaves covered! haha!

Spray paint your three pots and allow to dry. Fill with potting soil, you don't need to fill completely since you need wiggle room to stack the pot and to fill in with greenery. Take your extra tree trimmings  and fill in the pots. Now the fun part! Add in all your accessories and BAM... A beautiful Christmas stacked pot for your porch! 

You can even add some lights to this pot besides the solar ones. I have found some LED battery pack lights that are really neat. Green wire with red lights to weave through your wreaths or decorations and all needed to turn on is a flick of the switch on your battery pack!  

So here you go. An easy DIY Christmas decoration project you can throw together last minute to impress your Christmas guests!! Get to stackin'! 

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

12 Days of Christmas for your love

I did this a couple of years ago for my husband.  It was a hit and I see it coming again in the future, anyone else do something like this?

I seen this super idea on pinterest of course.  I HAD to do it for my husband.  He does so much for me all the time to let me know I'm special to him and I have been way behind in doing nice things for him.  Here were my gifts:

Day 1 ~ 1 Bottle of Crown
Day 2 ~ Pair of really warm socks
Day 3 ~ 3 Love letters(this one was hard! I'm not a mushy person so coming up with enough material for 3 mushy love letters felt like a stretch.  I wrote one about the kind of person my husband is and one about the kind of father my husband is and the last one on all the good things my husband does.)
Day 4 ~ 4 V neck T-shirts
Day 5 ~ 5 Thirty Minute Back massages(now I'm just afraid he is going to cash them all in at once!!)
Day 6 ~ 6 Candy bars
Day 7 ~ 7 Amps
Day 8 ~ 8 Razor blades
Day 9 ~ 9 $1 Scratch Off Tickets
Day 10 ~ 10 Fishing Lures
Day 11 ~Long Underwear (hey! he works outside all winter!)
Day 12 ~ Chap Sticks

I had planned to give my gifts on December 13th - 24th.  But he was working out of town quite a bit so I started the day after Thanksgiving and gave him gifts when he was home. I even had to finish after Christmas. But that doesn't matter.  The point is that I wanted to make him feel important and loved. Every time I gave him a gift I sang my corny little bit of song ''on the ___ day of Christmas your true love gives to you".  I'm certainly not a good singer and my husband  will likely never admit it but I think he liked me singing it to him.  I caught him more than once pausing the TV just to hear me sing it to him. 

With each passing day of gifts I was rewarded with a big smile and a giant kiss.  For a man that speaks volumes.

Mission accomplished.

Friday, December 5, 2014

5 fast ways for your Elf on the Shelf to get into mischief

Ginger Bread House
The girls realized what Elfie made right away

Big Mess
My kids didn't mind cleaning up after Elfie this time.

All Wrapped Up in Garland

Toilet Paper Christmas Tree
Oh Elfie!

 Elfie in a plant
This one is just way to easy, and took the girls a LONG time to find her.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cheyenne's 4 year old interview

What is your name?  Nanners
What is your mom's name?  Doylenn
What is your dad's name?  Adam
What does your mom do all day?  Clean
What does your dad do all day?  Works

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? To the store
What is your favorite color? Purple
What is your favorite toy? My doll house
What is your favorite fruit? Cupcakes
What is your favorite cartoon? Team Umizoomie and even Blue Planet too

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Cupcakes
What is the grossest thing to eat for lunch? The Santa lights
What is your favorite thing to wear? All of the things that I got in my closet
What is your favorite game? Hide and seek
What is your favorite snack? Cupcakes

What is your favorite animal? Zebras
Which do you like more, hunting or fishing?  Fishing
What is your favorite song? Christmas songs
What is your favorite book? Miss Piggle Wiggle
Who is your best friend? Harlee

What is your favorite cereal? The ones that I ated last year
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Run around and play
What is your favorite drink? Water
What is your favorite season? Christmas
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Susie
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwhich
What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet
Where is your favorite place to go? This place
What is your favorite restaurant? Applebees

What kind of party to do want for your 5th birthday? Bugs, I mean rainbow horse one
If you could move anywhere in the world where would you live? Right here
What kind of party do you think Harlee should have for her birthday? I think Harlee should have a deer one
What pets do you have? A kitty cat
What is your favorite butterfly? The ones that are just soft, I mean a moon moth, Moon moths are really true and they live out in night, only in night

Polka dots or stripes? polka dots
Do you like showers or baths more? Baths
If you could have any super power what would it be? I got superpower and its see through power.  I have a true power, I can see through my hand.
Who is your favorite person in the whole world? My mom is
What do you hope to do before you next birthday? Color pictures

What would you buy if you had $1000? Cookies
What are you really good at?  Coloring pictures
What is your favorite sport?  The sport that we just goed to
Where do you wish you could go on vacation? At Sarah's
What is your favorite thing to do with friends? Run around

If you could have one wish what would it be? Run around forever
Who is your biggest hero? Harlee
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate dipped fudge
Is there anything else you want to tell me about yourself?  Oh, decorating our house. Even setting up the Christmas tree, and even decorating it, even the ones that makes music. 

All photography in this post is the work of Crafty Honey Badger Mia at Snow Capped Dreams Photography.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Elfie is back! And she still isn't a spy for Santa!

Tonight our elf on the shelf will appear in our house just like in thousands of other homes.  But unlike in thousands of other homes this elf is not a spy for Santa.

Millions of children get the threat of you better be good or Santa won't come.  I've done it.  But it doesn't do anything to improve behavior.  It is just another empty threat, because let's get real,  I'm not going to give my kids nothing but coal for Christmas.

And if Santa was real, he wouldn't either, because he, like Jesus, has harnessed the power of forgiveness.

Our elf is a bit mischievous but not terribly so. Our elf is here to learn to be good and to teach forgiveness.  The girls have to forgive Elfie for being wild and a bit naughty.

The girls can play with Elfie and enjoy her.  I would be silly to get them a new toy and tell them to never touch it.  I want to set them up for success, not failure. 

There is no naughty and nice list.  We have nice girls in this house and only nice girls. Sometimes they make mistakes but so do I and no one threatens to take my Christmas presents away. Jesus has forgiven me and Jesus has forgiven them.

And so has Santa.

Santa sent a letter carefully explaining that the naughty and nice list is just something people do for fun.  I didn't want to make 98% of the world out to be liars, well actually you are liars but we don't need to get the kids involved at this point.

Santa is also friends with Jesus and they know all about grace and forgiveness.

And seriously how can your elf be naughty and then it reports back to Santa about your children's naughtiness? Just doesn't make sense!

And maybe just maybe Elfie can teach the girls about love and forgiveness. Because Jesus is the reason for the season and Jesus loves and forgives us,  Every.  Single. Day.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Yarn Tassel Garland

Tis the season to eat TURKEY... Fa La La La La, La La La La! 

Have family coming for Thanksgiving dinner? Feel the home needs a little more of a festive touch? This a great last minute decoration to add an extra seasonal flair to your home on Thanksgiving. Simple but totally cute! 

Gather up a wrap base of your choice, yarn, and scissors and follow the arrows! Lets do this! 

Using a square piece of cardboard or lid to a tupperware wrap yarn of choice around and around until you reach how thick you'd like your tassel. I did 30 wraps. The size of wrap around base can be however short or long you would like your tassels as well. The tupperware lid I used was 4 3/8 long.

Once you have your yarn wrapped around, take about a 3-4 inch piece of yarn and tie a simple knot on top side of wraps as in photo. Take your scissors and cut along the bottom of your wraps turning them loose to look like in the next photo. Cut another 3-4 inch piece of yard and tie your yarn into a tassel shape forming the ball on the top. 

Repeat until you reach desired amount of tassels for your garland. I strung them onto another piece of yarn but anything you have that would form a garland you can use.

There you have it! Simple, quick, and cute seasonal garland.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homemade poultry seasoning

The only time I use poultry seasoning is when I'm making a big pile of stuffing.  And those dinky little bottles they sell it in are ridiculous.  I need a ton of them.  Two years ago I was doing my pre Thanksgiving grocery shopping and the store was out of poultry seasoning.  I went to another store and it was out as well.  I decided to make my own.  After looking at a few recipes out there I 'made' my own.  I like mine a tiny bit more sagey.

1/2 Cup Sage
1/3 Cup Thyme
1/4 Cup Marjoram
1/8 Cup Nutmeg
1/8 Cup Pepper

If you have all finely ground spices just put all of it in a jar and give it a good shake. Mine were not so I put them all in my magic bullet and let it grind em and mix em up. Then I dumped it all in a jar.  Easy as pie. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flashback Friday - How to clean a pack and play

 Welcome to Flashback Friday! Today we have this popular post on how to clean your pack and play.  I wasn't expecting it to get near this much attention but hey, lots of us have pack and plays and they all need cleaned.  Enjoy.


Awhile back I saw a you tube video about how to clean your pack and play.  Okay, I'll file that idea away under 'things I don't need to know right now.'  My pack and play is NOT dirty.  I have had it almost 5 years and it still looks perfect. 


Seriously, almost 5 years?

In the tub it goes.  Fill it full of hot water and a half cup of homemade laundry soap and a half cup of Melamagic (cleaner by Melaleuca).  If I didn't have those cleaners, I would use a half cup of any all purpose cleaner and 2  cups of store bought laundry soap.  Let it soak for a couple of hours.  This is how dirty the water got from my 'not dirty' pack and play.

Pretty gross if you ask me.

After I pulled it out of the tub I set it on a towel to dry.  The brown spots on my towel where out of control gross.  So I put in back in the tub, same as before. The water was just as dirty AGAIN! After it was done soaking for the second time I took it outside and rinsed it with the hose til the water ran clear and then set it on a towel to dry. The towel stayed clean that time.

Next time, I'll just rinse it the first time.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Biscuit & Gravy Casserole

What more do I need to say? Its biscuits & gravy.... as a casserole! A comforting breakfast favorite all combined into one dish. Fast, easy and that classic flavor we all love. Give it a try!

Crank your oven to 375 and lets do this!

Biscuit & Gravy Casserole
*This makes a large 13x9 casserole, feel free to half the recipe*

2 Cans flakey biscuits
2 Pounds jimmy dean sausage
4 Cups country gravy (Thick)
1 Onion, chopped
2 Tablespoons minced garlic
1 Tablespoon butter

Pre-heat your oven to 375. Caramelize your onion in butter and garlic, add sausage and cook. Prep 4 cups of country gravy weather its from a packet or homemade from your sausage grease prep right around 4 cups. I prefer my gravy to be thick but of course whatever your preference will work!  Pop your  biscuit cans and cut them into pieces of 4. Layer half your biscuits on the bottom layer of a greased casserole dish. Bake bottom layer of biscuits until they begin to get golden so your bottom layer is cooked. Once brown stir your sausage and onion mixture into gravy. Allow to simmer for a couple minutes. Pour entire mixture over your bottom layer. Take other half of biscuits and layer the rest of them on top of your casserole. 

Bake for 10-15 Minutes or until your biscuits on top get brown.

*Tip* This is an easy recipe. Too much sausage? gravy? no problem... make it work for you. This is the basic layout of how to make a slam dunk breakfast great for feeding family visiting during the holidays!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chicken Delight

This is one of my favorite recipes for three reasons

1. My kids eat it.
2. It's delicious.
3. It's so super quick to make.

4 chicken breasts
1 can corn, drained
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 medium onion, diced (purple or white is fine)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 cup salsa
1 can diced green chilies
8 oz cream cheese

Dump everything into the crock pot and cook on low 6-8 hours (until the chicken is cooked).
Before serving stir everything up and shred the chicken breasts.
Serve with corn chips or heated tortillas and  shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream.

This would also make an amazing appetizer...except no one would want to eat anything else, and that just might be a problem.

Friday, November 7, 2014

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Apple Donut Bites!

Here is a flashback to a post you may have missed. Delicious apple donut bites... Perfect for some halloween treats, or a seasonal sweet tooth. Add some pumpkin spice to your batter for a special twist to make it more fitting! 


 With summertime among us that brings fair season. A lot of fair food that is oh so sinful but oh so good. Cinnamon rolls, funnel cake, crepes, burgers, fries, nacho's, hot dogs, BBQ, tri-tip sandwiches, deep fried pickles, sweet potato fries, DEEP FRIED ANYTHING! Ugh! Must I say more? 

Anyways apple donut bites is my twist on a fair snack that is so yummy for a summertime treat when your craving your fair style bites. With a greek yogurt batter this recipe is a little different then your normal batter you would make. So give this recipe a try next time you have that crazy craving! 

I did NOT just lick my screen.. I swear... Oh my! 

Apple Donut Bites

4-5 medium sized cooking apples
1 Cup flour
1 Cup Greek Yogurt
1 Egg
1/4 Teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 Cup water 
Canola oil for frying
1/2 Cup sugar
1-2 Teaspoons cinnamon

Using an apple slicer slice down your apples you can peel if you wish but its not required. Mix dry batter ingredients. Add egg and yogurt in a separate bowl and whisk until combined. Add to flour and stir. Mixture will be thick and dry because greek yogurt is very thick. Add water until mixture takes on a thicker pasty batter consistency. You may need more than 3/4 cup. Add water and use your judgement. You want a cake like batter!

Heat your oil to 350 degrees either in a skillet or your deep fryer. Once heated grab your sliced apples. They will still be in apple shape so just start pulling off rounds in halves or smaller pieces if you want. Gently dip apple pieces in your batter and lay in the hot oil. Repeat in small batches until apples are gone. The batter will be sticky so it may look like a lot on your apple but thats what puffs up and makes it donut like. Fry for 40 seconds to a minute or so on each side if your skillet frying. For a deep fryer keep an eye on your apple bites until they are golden brown. 1-2 minutes. Once fried drain on a paper towel. 

Mix your sugar and cinnamon and shake over drained apple bites and gently shake around to get a coating all the way around your bites.

Once coated you can sit back and enjoy this delicious sweet bite! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cheyenne's three year old interview

Another flash back, to 3 year old Cheyenne, soon she will be 4 and you can see the current up to date answers from my sweet Cheyenne. Enjoy...

Oh sweet Cheyenners, I can't believe she is three already. She is so smart and so determined and so stubborn and so lovey. She talks so much and so well for her age. She didn't do all the questions again this year.  Despite my best efforts to ask her a few everyday she seemed rather board with it all. Harlee on the other hand helps me think up more questions to ask.

Blast from the past: Cheyenne's two year old interview 

What is your name?  I'm Cheyenne

What is your mom's name?  Doylenn
What is your dad's name?  Daddy
What does your mom do all day?  Kiss Daddy
What does your dad do all day?  He hugs you and kiss you

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?  to earth
What is your favorite color? Purple
What is your favorite toy? Pink Bear
What is your favorite fruit? I want a cutie
What is your favorite cartoon? Umizoomi

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Cuties
What is the grossest thing to eat for lunch? pears are yucky
What is your favorite thing to wear? necklaces
What is your favorite game? Umzoomi
What is your favorite snack? Eyes

What is your favorite animal? pink bear
Which do you like more, hunting or fishing?  Fishing
What is your favorite song? Umzoomi
What is your favorite book? Busy Bugs
Who is your best friend? Jazy

What is your favorite cereal? Purple
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Ride my bike
What is your favorite drink? to drink inside
What is your favorite season? purple is my favorite season

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? I can sleep on a pillow, I want my baby
What do you want to be when you group? Just a grown up
Where is your favorite place to go? to the left

What kind of party to do want for your 4th birthday? purple party
What kind of party do you think Harlee should have for her birthday? a purple party, no Harlee like pink parties that's all
What pets do you have? 3 pets
What is your favorite butterfly? really small

Polka dots or stripes? stripes
Do you like showers or baths more? showers
Who is your favorite person in the whole world?  Elfie
What is your favorite thing to do with friends? We just hide Elfie

What is your favorite sport? I wanna play soccer
If you could have one wish what would it be? To be a baby
Who is your biggest hero? Jazy
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Purple ice cream
Is there anything else you want to tell me about yourself?  No thank you

Know of any great questions I missed?  Please let me know! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Girl Scouts Fall/Halloween Party

Girl Scout parties are always fun and super fast paced.  You need a lot of activities to keep everyone busy.

Ghost Bowling! Everyone had lots and lots of fun with this! I just cut some black construction paper for the eyes and mouth and hot glued it on.

Girl Scout Law, 10 lines, 10 different colors, 10 toes.  Coincidence? I think not!

 We played Halloween/Fall charades and ate lots of yummy snacks. Everyone had fun and the party was a success!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wild Game Crock-Pot BBQ

Oh yes, Another wild game recipe. Lets get real though, any recipe of mine on here that you read that has meat was probably made with wild game unless I specify its beef.

 This recipe is pretty basic and definitely easy. You normally see it just calling for BBQ Sauce over meat and let er' go for 6-8 hours. Which works great for beef or pork that has a nice fat content. Wild game is a very lean meat so therefore drying out can easily occur when not properly cooked. Using some beef broth along with BBQ sauce allows the roasts to cook in moist juices and still get that BBQ flavor we all love! Worried about a thin gravy rather than a thick BBQ glaze? Thats what they made corn starch for.... plus once you shred it all up and add it back it takes up a lot of the excess sauce...

If you don't have any wild game Feel free to use Beef, you can still cook the beef roast in broth and BBQ sauce for an extra juicy roast. This post is to help ones who only have wild game to cook with and successfully direct them to a properly cooked roast!

Great meal to come home to after trick or treating!!!!

OKAY! Enough talking about it... Lets do it! This is a great recipe to leave going all day and come home to a delicious meal waiting for you! Warm, hearty, how can you go wrong?

Wild Game Crock-Pot BBQ

4-5 Pounds of Roast
2 Onions chopped into wedges. 
2-3 Cups beef broth. (Use as much as you would like, depends on how much sauce you want)
2 Cups BBQ Sauce, Your favorite brand. I use Rich & Sassy Famous Daves.
2 Teaspoons Garlic powder

Add all ingredients to a crock pot and allow to cook on low for 6-8 hours. Once cooked take just roasts out and shred them up. If your remaining sauce is thin add some gravy flour, or corn starch... whisk up until consistency you desire and add your meat back to crock pot and stir up. Should be a nice thick glaze like sauce around all the meat. If you want more sauce at this point just adding more BBQ Sauce will work since your meat had already cooked in broth. 

Serve on a roll, over mashes potatoes, or on a plate with a drizzle of BBQ Sauce and some chopped onions, peperoncini peppers, or jalapenos. Treat as you would any BBQ meat!

If you don't have any wild game, feel free to use Beef. You can still cook the beef roast in broth and BBQ sauce for an extra juicy roast. This post is to help ones who only have wild game to cook with and successfully direct them to a properly cooked wild game roast!

Click Here To Print! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Smoothie

We have started a new family tradition! Pumpkin smoothie while carving pumpkins.  
Best. Idea. Ever. 
I didn't have all the ingredients for any of the recipes I looked at, so I winged it.  I'm good at winging it, I have a habit of trying things out without even reading the tutorial.  It gets me into trouble every now and then again, but no hospitalizations to date, and so my bad habit continues.

1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 cup pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, I had canned pumpkin chunks a year ago and used that)
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2  teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup milk
1/2 to 1 cup ice as desired
Whipped cream for topping

Blend it all up, top with whipped cream, and drink it down. Delish!

I'm pretty sure is more like a every other day kind of tradition rather than a once a year while carving pumpkins kind of deal.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Short-Rib Slider With Polenta Fries!

Last week I posted two delicious recipes that went GREAT together. So here I go again.. This slider made with left-over short-rib with crunchy polenta fries is the perfect combo AGAIN! One meal turning right into two. Yes! Its amazing, I know! So what you waiting for?

Go to last weeks posts and whip em up to have this amazing set of meals!!

Lets begin! Short-Rib slider with polenta fries! 

Looks delicious, huh? 

Short-Rib Slider

Pretzel slider buns
Chopped/Shredded leftover short ribs
Aged gouda cheese
Horseradish sauce

Slightly toast your bun in a toaster oven. Take out and spread horseradish sauce on both sides. Take bottom bun and pile on the short rib with a few thin slices of cheese. As much as you like. Toast bottom bun with toppings until cheese is bubbly. Toast top bun until desired crunch, just doesn't need to toast as long as the bottom. 

Polenta Fries

Leftover polenta
2-3 Tablespoons of butter (Depending on how many fries you make)
Dash of salt

Your leftover creamy polenta will thicken overnight in the fridge. Being in a casserole dish you can take a slice out and easily cut it down into strip fry shapes. Melt butter in a pan over medium high heat. Saute fries rolling around to all sides and allow to fry until all sides have a crunchy golden consistency. Allow to dab dry on a paper towel.

Serve Slider with fries and ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Remember back in July when I told you this recipe was coming? Well apparently my idea of soon is within 5 months.  I made this for Harlee's ladybug birthday party but I make it a lot for camping.

This is one of my favorite desserts.  My mom used to make it every single time we went camping as a family.  Needless to say a long day of four wheeling, followed by a campfire and a great dinner, always meant dirt was next. 

You will need:
1 package of oreos
1 package of vanilla waffers
1 tub of cool whip
1 large box of instant vanilla pudding
1 box of cream cheese
3 cups milk

In your food processor crush the oreos and vanilla waffers. Mix them up and set them aside.
Mix together your milk and vanilla pudding mix. Let stand for a few minutes til it starts to thicken.  Whip in the cream cheese and cool whip.

Find a pretty glass dish or clear cup and layer the cookie mix first.  Alternate cookie and cream and top with cookie mix.

Once it's cold it will be super yummy! It also freezes well so you can make it ahead of time.

Click to Print!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Biscuit Pizza

I'm still alive.......GASP!  I made the girls (Doylenn and Mia) promise when I agreed to do this blog with them that they wouldn't hold me to a time table for's been a long time for sure.  Hope all is doing well....

Spent today driving over 100 miles one way to attend the memorial service for a very dear lady who was one of my rocks growing up.  I'm honored to say that I knew she considered me "one of hers" and she was such a giver there were many of "us."  I will miss and love you always Georgiana!

Anyway, after a long day of driving and remembering a loved one, the idea of fixing dinner seemed like a daunting task.  Was catching up on Facebook when I saw a share about a pizza pull apart bread.  I didn't want to think about making something like that but it made me start thinking about what I had in the fridge and pantry.  This is what I pulled out:

I spritzed my jelly roll pan with some olive oil out of my Misto pump sprayer -- they come in quite a few colors and can be purchased at Amazon Misto oil sprayer.  They have other listings so be sure to do a search and find your color choice and quantity.

I used a serrated tomato knife to slice the canned biscuits in half so it wasn't so thick.  You could smoosh these all into a solid dough but I left them separated so it would be easier to cut. Then I spread the halved biscuits in the jelly roll pan.

Mia was here so I had her saute' some chopped onions.  She threw in a little butter and they came out beautiful and translucent.

I spooned some jarred pizza sauce on the biscuits.

Then I sprinkled it with some grated Monterey Jack cheese (that's what I had).Then I put pepperoni slices on the biscuits and sprinkled on the sauteed onions.  Then followed that with more cheese.

Then I put it in a preheated oven at 385 degrees F, for about 20 minutes until it was starting to brown the cheese and the biscuits were cooked through.

And it was delicious!  And so simple.  You can add any pizza ingredients you like or love.  Quick dinner and a change up from frozen pizza from the freezer.  I had someone go back for seconds and ask for leftovers for his work lunch tomorrow so you know it was a win.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Braised Garlic Short Ribs.

....PART TWO....
...Recipe for what do drown your polenta in...

Time to complete our hearty delicious meal. Come home from the pumpkin patch to this warm meal that is bound to please. Very fitting for the season an abundant in flavor! Tender short ribs falling off the bone in a rich sauce. Serve over a creamy, cheesy polenta... Ahhh heaven. Pioneer woman inspired this recipe but I had to twist it up a little. 

Have I convinced you yet? You gotta try it! 


I'd hand you a fork if I could...

Braised Garlic Short Ribs
Heat your oven to 350


8 Short ribs
(You can do a pre soak in wine to help with how tender they get.)
5 Strips of bacon
Montreal steak seasoning
1/2-3/4 Cup flour

Sprinkle steak seasoning over all the short ribs until lightly coated. Roll each rib into some flour until fully coated. In a dutch oven cook your strips of bacon until cooked. Remove to a plate leaving grease in pot. Brown your short ribs in grease. Not more than 25-30 seconds on each side. Remove them to a plate.


1 Yellow onion, diced
2-3 Carrots, diced small
2 Tablespoons minced garlic
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
2 Cups beef broth
2 Cups wine (Dry not sweet variety.)
1/4 Cup balsamic vinegar
Dash of salt & pepper 
Sprig of rosemary 

After taking out ribs use same pot and saute your veggies & garlic in leftover grease and olive oil. Allow to become slightly caramelized.  Add wine and allow to boil for a few minutes along with veggie mixture. Use a whisk and scrape all the good stuff from the bottom of the pot for extra flavor. Now add broth and allow to simmer together for about 5-10 minutes. Add salt & pepper and your cooked bacon from earlier. Using tongs place your ribs into the HEAVENLY mixture in your pot. Make sure they are completely submerged. Add your sprig of rosemary to the top and cover with dutch oven lid and bake in oven for 2-3 hours. 

After 2-3 hours take pot out of the oven and let sit for about 20-30 minutes. After that remove the lid and allow the heavenly aroma to fill your kitchen. At this point you will have no choice but to eat it because... well.... how can you not? Enjoy!

Serve over Creamy MICROWAVE POLENTA for a delicious combination!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creamy MICROWAVE Polenta

...Part Two Tomorrow...

These cold fall days have had me in the mood for a warm hearty meal. With some family raised beef in the freezer, short ribs seemed fitting for the mood I have been in. Anyways when I think short ribs I think soft polenta to serve it on. I grew up eating polenta in my Swiss family, Even included it on the menu at my own wedding. Its a delicious and inexpensive but above all CLASSY side dish. Years ago in Switzerland it was considered peasant food because its JUST corn meal and water. Thats it. There is so much you can add to it to make it a jazzy amazing dish. 

Here is a quick easy way to whip up some polenta in your home in short order.

Want a spoon? fork? you hands? Go for it! Don't blame you!! 

Creamy Microwave Polenta
2 Cups cornmeal
7  Cups water
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 Teaspoons salt
4 Tablespoons butter
1/2-3/4 Cups shredded cheese (Any kind your prefer, parmesan, cheddar, jack, gouda)

Combine all ingredients except for butter and cheese in a large glass or stoneware dish that leaves enough space for water to bubble up without overflowing. Cover tightly with saran wrap and microwave on high for 14 minutes.
Carefully uncover dish and stir your mixture. Should still be watery but beginning to thicken. Add a splash more water if your mixture is clumpy or stiff. After stirring re-cover and microwave on high for another 12-14 minutes.

Again, carefully uncover and stir. Polenta should be thickened but not stiff. Add butter and cheese and stir in. Taste and add anything more of anything that you desire.

Serve as a side dish or under PART TWO to this amazing meal.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cheyenne's 2 year old birthday interview

Instead of doing three posts in a row of Cheyenne interviews I decided to stretch them out a bit for before she turn four later this year! Enjoy this blast from the past!


I decided to try and do a two year interview with Cheyenne because she is a supremo talker.  I had to spread it out over a couple of days and she didn't answer all the questions but she did pretty good.  I can't wait for next year when she will answer all of them!

What is your name?  Me Cheyenne (while proudly patting her chest)
What is your mom's name?  You Mommy!   
What is your favorite color? PIIIINNNNNKKKKKKK
What is your favorite toy? aaaaa puppy
What is your favorite cartoon? Zoomie (Team Umizoomie)
What is your favorite game? game
What is your favorite snack? aaaa fruit snack
What is your favorite animal? a doggie
Which do you like more, hunting or fishing?  Fish
What is your favorite book? story book
Who is your best friend? kitty cat
What is your favorite cereal? Popcorn
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Harwee

I love you Cheyenner Nanners! Cake face and all
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