Monday, December 8, 2014

12 Days of Christmas for your love

I did this a couple of years ago for my husband.  It was a hit and I see it coming again in the future, anyone else do something like this?

I seen this super idea on pinterest of course.  I HAD to do it for my husband.  He does so much for me all the time to let me know I'm special to him and I have been way behind in doing nice things for him.  Here were my gifts:

Day 1 ~ 1 Bottle of Crown
Day 2 ~ Pair of really warm socks
Day 3 ~ 3 Love letters(this one was hard! I'm not a mushy person so coming up with enough material for 3 mushy love letters felt like a stretch.  I wrote one about the kind of person my husband is and one about the kind of father my husband is and the last one on all the good things my husband does.)
Day 4 ~ 4 V neck T-shirts
Day 5 ~ 5 Thirty Minute Back massages(now I'm just afraid he is going to cash them all in at once!!)
Day 6 ~ 6 Candy bars
Day 7 ~ 7 Amps
Day 8 ~ 8 Razor blades
Day 9 ~ 9 $1 Scratch Off Tickets
Day 10 ~ 10 Fishing Lures
Day 11 ~Long Underwear (hey! he works outside all winter!)
Day 12 ~ Chap Sticks

I had planned to give my gifts on December 13th - 24th.  But he was working out of town quite a bit so I started the day after Thanksgiving and gave him gifts when he was home. I even had to finish after Christmas. But that doesn't matter.  The point is that I wanted to make him feel important and loved. Every time I gave him a gift I sang my corny little bit of song ''on the ___ day of Christmas your true love gives to you".  I'm certainly not a good singer and my husband  will likely never admit it but I think he liked me singing it to him.  I caught him more than once pausing the TV just to hear me sing it to him. 

With each passing day of gifts I was rewarded with a big smile and a giant kiss.  For a man that speaks volumes.

Mission accomplished.

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