Friday, April 18, 2014

Folded diaper cakes are way easier!

I love making diaper cakes.  I actually planned on making a ton of mini diaper cakes for my friend's king of the jungle baby shower as part of the decor but I couldn't find cake toppers that would look good, match the theme and be something useful, and I didn't want to buy a load of crap.  So I made a big one instead.

This is my first time doing a non-rolled diaper cake.  It was tons faster!

Here is (most of) the stuff I used...only lots more diapers.

I started setting the folded diapers up, they stayed up on their own surprising well but a bottle of lotion never hurts!

I rolled one diaper and bound it with a rubber band and stuck it in the middle.

Tie that baby off with some leftover Christmas curling ribbon.

Start over and go around again!

I made the second tier with six rolled diapers and I rolled a onesie and put it in the middle. 

At this point I was out of diapers so I started sticking in some of the goodies.

Then I realized I could just steal diapers from my own child!  Who cares if the top tier is made out of a different size diapers? 

I normally use 3-4 rolls of ribbon around all the tiers but when I was buying bias tape for the car seat blanket I made I seen blanket ribbon sashing!  Soooooo much cheaper then buying all that ribbon.  The diaper cakes I make are loaded with cool mom gear so I really don't need patterned ribbon, or at least that's what I think.

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