Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chicken Asparagus Yum

What to make for dinner?  I swear the hardest thing I do all day is figure out what's for dinner.  Sometimes I just start throwing things together.  Sometimes it turns out so so and sometimes it turns out really great.  Tonight's was a really great one.  And super easy plus used seasonal asparagus, which is just starting to grow here plus I had some from our recent Bountiful Basket offering (if you've never heard of Bountiful Baskets, check out the awesome produce you can get for an affordable amount at  As usual, I was in a hurry and didn't take pictures along the way plus we had dinner before I took a picture.  It's delicious enough to tell you about it anyway......Plus my daughter Doylenn was on the phone with me and we were talking about dinner and when I told her what I was making, she said she had the ingredients so she made it too.  She is the one who named it.

Chicken Asparagus Yum

I sprayed my 9x13 baking pan with olive oil cooking spray
Layered 2.5 pounds of frozen chicken breasts in bottom of pan
Covered that with the asparagus spears with the tough ends snapped away about a pound and a half
Poured 2 cans of cream of chicken soup over the top
Sprinkled with Rosemary Garlic McCormick Seasoning
Sprinkled seasoned breadcrumbs (I have a big can of Progresso Brand) over the top

Cover with foil and bake for about an hour at 375 degrees.  

It was done at that point and the asparagus was a bit brighter in color.  However, irrigating on the ranch takes time and hubby Paul wanted to irrigate before dinner, so I decreased the oven to 300 degrees and let it remain in the oven for about 45 more minutes.  

It was so moist and seasoned.  The soup sauce was great gravy on some instant mashed potatoes.

I'm thrilled to have some leftovers for both dinner tomorrow night and Paul's lunch tomorrow, plus I think I can freeze another lunch container for a future lunch.  

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