Thursday, April 24, 2014

Daisy Girl Scouts responsible for what I say and do (orange petal)

I'm a Girl Scout co-leader. I kind of fell into this job by default.  When I signed Harlee up for Girl Scouts I was told they needed more parent volunteers.  I happily signed up for that job.  I like being involved in her life.  And I couldn't imagine just dropping her off at Girl Scouts and picking her up later without knowing if her leaders are legit or not.

Then it turned into Harlee's troop needed a co-leader or there would be no troop. 

I was the only parent volunteer for her troop.

And that my friends in how a (co-)leader is born.

I have a vision of myself being leader next year, and the next and the next and the next, and basically forever, or til my girls don't want to be Girl Scouts anymore, whichever comes first.

A mom has got to do what a mom has got to do.

At our last meeting we earned our responsible for what I say and do petal.  It's the orange one. It was pretty fun!  Most of what I could find online involved making a chore chart and having the parents report back on how well the girls did their chores.

Sooooo not my job.  I have my own children to wrangle into doing chores.

While I was looking I saw the idea of decorating bags and then the girls can use their bags to be responsible for their own things.  And my mom (Honey Badger Carol), decided to embroider all the girls names on bags and GIVE them to our troop.  She even did one for Cheyenne and surprised me by doing one for me and the other leader.

I guess I'm going to have to stop calling her the meanest mommy in the world.

No, changed my mind.  I'm not going to stop; she is mean.  Like super duper mean.   She does lots of mean uhmmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that...but trust me, she is mean.

So my mom did the bags and mailed them to me.  I got fabric paint and the girls went wild.  We let them decorate the bags however they wanted since it would be their bag to keep and love, and use to be responsible (hopefully).

I helped Cheyenne with hers but she told me what to put on it.

The other thing we did at our meeting was to talk to the girls about being responsible for what they say.  We took a parachute and had all the girls hold it up.  Then I went around and had each girl make a promise.  I lead by saying "I promise to pick up three balls." Then I put three plastic balls on the parachute. Some girls were really smart and only promised to pick up one ball and others were overachievers who promised to pick up ten balls.

Then we let them wave the parachute around and throw the balls all around the room.  Of course we all had to scream and hide under the parachute...isn't that the real purpose of those things? Then they had to follow through on their promise.

P.S. My mom isn't really mean.  I totally thought she was when I was a teenager (of course, who doesn't?) but now we are best friends, and she does lots of nice things.  I still teasingly call her mean just cause I can. 

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