Friday, April 4, 2014

Girl Scouts give back

Now that cookie season is over I have so much more time on my hands.  I would of never of believed how much time it takes.  Or how many cookies my darling 5 year old could sell.  She sold 758 boxes of cookies!

I'm so proud of how hard all the girls worked this year.  They were so determined to sell lots of cookies.  Of course getting an american girl doll for selling 750 boxes is quite the motivator.

Well played girl scouts...well played.

Our troop decided they wanted to help an animal with some of their money that they earned from cookie sales.  Where we live there is no pound, all the animals are taken care of through foster families. The adoption coordinator said they get lots of donations for dog stuff but almost nothing for cats!

We took our girls on a shopping trip to walmart and they picked out kitten food, cat litter, bowls, toys and collars.

After our shopping spree we were able to go to the adoption coordinators home where she kindly let us see her two litters of kittens.  The girls were even able to hold four day old kittens! The other litter was only one day old and we were understandably not able to touch them, but man were they cute!

My Girl Scout!
Don't you dare tell her she isn't a Girl Scout!
One day old kittens!

Yes I have 10 girls in my troop, but you will never see pictures of them on here.  Not my children not my choice.  It's a privacy thing, I'm sure you understand. 

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