Friday, October 17, 2014

Biscuit Pizza

I'm still alive.......GASP!  I made the girls (Doylenn and Mia) promise when I agreed to do this blog with them that they wouldn't hold me to a time table for's been a long time for sure.  Hope all is doing well....

Spent today driving over 100 miles one way to attend the memorial service for a very dear lady who was one of my rocks growing up.  I'm honored to say that I knew she considered me "one of hers" and she was such a giver there were many of "us."  I will miss and love you always Georgiana!

Anyway, after a long day of driving and remembering a loved one, the idea of fixing dinner seemed like a daunting task.  Was catching up on Facebook when I saw a share about a pizza pull apart bread.  I didn't want to think about making something like that but it made me start thinking about what I had in the fridge and pantry.  This is what I pulled out:

I spritzed my jelly roll pan with some olive oil out of my Misto pump sprayer -- they come in quite a few colors and can be purchased at Amazon Misto oil sprayer.  They have other listings so be sure to do a search and find your color choice and quantity.

I used a serrated tomato knife to slice the canned biscuits in half so it wasn't so thick.  You could smoosh these all into a solid dough but I left them separated so it would be easier to cut. Then I spread the halved biscuits in the jelly roll pan.

Mia was here so I had her saute' some chopped onions.  She threw in a little butter and they came out beautiful and translucent.

I spooned some jarred pizza sauce on the biscuits.

Then I sprinkled it with some grated Monterey Jack cheese (that's what I had).Then I put pepperoni slices on the biscuits and sprinkled on the sauteed onions.  Then followed that with more cheese.

Then I put it in a preheated oven at 385 degrees F, for about 20 minutes until it was starting to brown the cheese and the biscuits were cooked through.

And it was delicious!  And so simple.  You can add any pizza ingredients you like or love.  Quick dinner and a change up from frozen pizza from the freezer.  I had someone go back for seconds and ask for leftovers for his work lunch tomorrow so you know it was a win.  Enjoy!

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