Friday, June 13, 2014

Grilled Steak Salad

Tis the season to be grilling! Fa-la-la-la-LA-la-la-la-LA!

I love to grill! Flavors that the grilling process brings out of food is just something my taste buds can't say no to. You can bet majority of our summer dinners are made on the grill. Sometimes in the winter, too. Oh its snowing? No problem hand me a jacket I'll be fine! With all the wild game in our freezer I'm always getting out packages to defrost, marinade and await their time to hit the grill. Having all the wild game year round leaves me always trying to be creative and come up with a different recipes to try with it other then steak, steak, steak. Not bashing steaks. I could eat them all the time. Putting a twist on just a plain ole steak makes for something new and fresh on the dinner table.

Grilled steak salad is abundant with flavor but yet a light dinner perfect for those hot summer evenings! So get your hands on some steak and lets get crackin'!

I could eat this picture... Literally... No Joke...

Grilled Steak Salad

2 marinated Pounds of steak. I use McCormick Smoking sweet tea marinade
Head of Lettuce *Romain, Iceberg mix is what I use*
1/2 Cup chopped tomato's 
1 Bell pepper chopped
1 onion chopped
1/2 Cup shredded cheese 
 Ranch dressing
Crispy Corn strips
Salt & Pepper

Salad directions

Heat your grill. While heating slice all your veggies and put in a large salad bowl. Grate cheese and sprinkle over the top. Toss ingredients together! Once grill is heated throw your steaks on and cook until desired temperature. I am a medium rare gal so just a quick couple minutes on both sides and set them aside for a little resting period just a couple minutes or so is all they need. Once rested I take the steaks and slice them down into strips. Layer starting with your lettuce/veggie mix and lay desired amount of steak over the top. Sprinkle desired amount of crispy strips and drizzle ranch over everything and enjoy!

Directions for the crispy corn strips

Slice 15 Corn Tortillas into four triangle pieces. Take each triangle and slice down from the edged into skinny strips. Fry in deep fryer or in a pot on the stove at 375. Be very careful with hot oil. Fry until they begin to feel crisp and have a slight golden color using metal tongs take them out and place on a paper towel lined plate. They will brown more as they drain so take them out before they get dark. Sprinkle some sea salt over and boom! Crispy corn strips!

 For beef eaters I would use a flank/skirt steak cut. For wild game eaters I would use back-strap steak cuts. I usually allow my steaks to marinate for about a day or so. As for cheese I use cheddar or pepper jack but any cheese will work in this recipe. Marinade choice is up to you but the smoking sweet tea marinate is what I have found that fits this salad the best and has the best flavor. McCormick marinade mix's are amazing I use them religiously! I hate bottled ranch dressing, so I recommend using homemade. Even if its made from the powder packets you buy it tastes so much better than the bottle specially if you add some red pepper flakes to your dressing after its made! A vinaigrette works good on this salad as well for a lighter choice! As for crispy strips.. Use lots... lots of crispy strips! Their addicting! 

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