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Family ties and Garlic Fries!

Our blog was recently contacted by a representative from Fanatics , a sport apparel site. Their site is a great one stop shop for all your fan gear for your favorite teams - whether your looking for MLB hats to NFL jerseys, They've got it all! With a wide selection at great prices you can gear yourself up to cheer on your team in style very conveniently. Anyways, they were searching for bloggers to share their experience with sports and how it brought their family together.

Did not take me long to know that I had plenty of stories to share along these lines. I mean c'mon... when you can sit down as a family and ALL cry like babies at the end of the movie Rudy, sports has brought your family together. No ifs, ands or butts! 

My childhood was full of Giants baseball & Niner football! My mom, dad, uncle, Nono & Noni (Grandpa and Grandpa) watched every game; whether it was from the stands or the couch at home. We were proud fans and cheered on our teams through the ups and downs. We had season tickets to 49er's stadium, Candlestick Park, for home games. Although life wouldn't allow us to go to every game since we lived a few hours south of San Francisco, we would still make a point to go to a few and those are times I won't ever forget. Especially times watching games with my Nono as he is now passed on. He loved the 49ers and was a true fan.

Earlier years I can remember tailgating out in the parking lot of Candlestick Park. The crowd you would find yourself surrounded by was thrilling. All the fans getting pumped up for the game and already whoopin' and hollerin'. You can't help but get caught up in it. Then you start to head for the stadium and the anticipation builds... Crowds get louder... you get closer, closer, closer. The smells of garlic fries, beer, hot dogs fills the air... you keep climbing up steps to get into the main stadium. Once you have reached it you feel a breeze coming out of the tunnel. You walk through and your eyes lay upon a pretty awesome sight. Huge green field and red and gold everywhere. You're in NINER NATION and there's no mistaking it. You get goosebumps. Crowds fill in and music starts to play. Players getting loosened up on the field. You know what's coming! Fireworks, cheerleaders, crowds screaming as the 49ers take the field. National anthem plays and jets fly overhead. Oh yes. Major goosebumps! Coin toss, kick off.... the loudest part to a game you would think. Crowd goes CRAZY, screaming and cheering. Think that's loud? Try when your team gets a touchdown! People on their feet jumping up and down and passing high fives all around. Do you know these people? Nope! But when you're in Niner nation you're all family. 

Old photo's from our "Double Hitter Day"

The year of 2002 was an exciting one to say the least. To be exact, October 6th, 2002! Giants were in the playoffs and Niners were starting out their football season strong as ever. I remember talking to my Dad one night and him saying we're gonna go up to San Francisco here in a few days. I just bought division series tickets to watch the Giants play the Braves at Bell Park. My excitement exploded! Then he added, "But first, were gonna go watch the Niners play the St. Louis Rams at Candlestick!" WHAT? Same day? Oh yes! This was happening! Early afternoon football game and head across San Francisco to an evening Giants game!

The day came for the big games! We had a hotel room in downtown and took advantage of the bus service in San Francisco! There was a street where buses were lined up to head to Candlestick; the streets crowded with Niner fans. We got on the bus and people were already chanting, "Go Niners!" and phrases like that. I knew it was gonna be a good day! The game was amazing! Niners blew the Rams away and put them to shame. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Being there with my parents made it all the more special! A little excited girl sitting between her parents. I loved the side of my parents I'd see at the games. My mom was crazy even if she was sitting on the couch at home watching, but in the stands her spirit is wild. My dad is the same way. To cheer on the Niners and have them score usually turned into a big family hug! Smiles all around. The game left my ears ringing and my voice cracked and we had not even made it to the Giants game yet! 

The Giants game was ohhh so much more intense! This was the division, people! The big game is in sight! Do or die. We were sitting in the bleachers up against the outer field. Oh yes... hit them home-run balls right to me! No doubt the 49er game was filled with excitement but the crowd at the Giants game was totally different. These people knew the World Series was at stake and were cheering with every bit of themselves! Including us! Voice? Oh yeah.. totally gone! We stress ate our weight in garlic fries at both games. They smell so good! So that makes it okay right? Ha! The haunting smell of garlic fries that you can't say no to. Anyways, the Giants beat the Braves in a sweep! There were a few home-runs and some balls came into the bleachers we were in! It was amazing and a thrilling experience. Hitting both games and our teams winning both. A day to go down in the books for sure! I had a blast with my parents that day. We finished off the night lumbering back to our hotel and ordering room service and watching a funny movie! Sports hangover the next day? Totally!

Sports was always and will always be a part of our family. Sitting down and screaming at the T.V. in excitement to see our teams win. Celebrating with jumping up and down and hugging. Its different when you're in the atmosphere where it all goes down but memories can really be made sitting at home rooting on your favorite teams from the couch! Memories made with my parents and family that I'll never forget. Sports has brought our family closer in so many ways and left me with memories I'll cherish forever! Take your family to a live NFL game or a baseball game! Stock up at first though!

Below is a recipe of one of our favorite ball park snacks! With a fun twist, this recipe will have your house smelling like the stadium! Watch out! That was a warning! Cook at your own risk! Addiction will occur! 

Lick your screen, You know you wanna! Don't try and take a bite out of it though.. been there tried that. OUCH!


6-8 medium sized potatoes. I used gold potatoes. 
Oil for frying
3 Tablespoons butter
1 Tablespoon olive oil
3-4 Tablespoons minced garlic
1 Teaspoon parsley
Dash of sea salt

Using a mandolin slicer with julienne attachment slice down your potatoes into fries. Lay them out on a single layer of paper towels and dab over with more paper towels to dry. While drying,  heat oil in deep fryer or pot to 375 degrees. While oil is heating saute garlic with oil in a pan until it becomes fragrant and gold. Add butter to pan and melt in the the garlic mixture. Add half teaspoon to mixture leaving some for to garnish with the salt. Fry your french fries in small batches for about 5-6 minutes or until golden. Let drain and transfer to a deep platter. Repeat frying process until no potatoes are left! 

Once finished frying all your potatoes its time for the magic to happen. Pour your heavenly buttery mixture over the fries and toss around to get them all coated.  

Sprinkle a little parsley and salt to your taste over everything and enjoy! 

My only tip for this recipe is that it goes PERFECTLY with an ice cold BEER! So sit back with one and enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I certainly enjoyed letting you in a little of my personal life. Sports has left me with cherished memories and I have thoroughly enjoyed letting you in on some of them!

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