Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Soda bottle splash park

My kids are odd. They love the splash park, but don't really like playing in sprinklers or being splashed...unless they are at the splash park, and then they love being splashed and playing in sprinklers. So I decided to create some at home splash parkness, because I am a hermit crab and like to stay home as much as possible.

All you need is an empty soda bottle and  male to male 3/4'' hose connector. Mine was $6.99 and my local hardware store is a bit on the expensive side.

Drill holes in your bottle with a small drill bit and let er rip.

Added bonus #1 if you hang it from a tree your kids will play in the shade. 
Added bonus #2 you don't have to store the bottle when winter comes.

Bring on the summer!

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