Monday, June 30, 2014

Fourth of July shot gun shell wreath

Anyone besides me LOVE to decorate for the Fourth of July? It's my second favorite holiday to decorate for, after Christmas, of course. I normally make huge plans to decorate but, since Harlee's birthday is only a few day afterwards, I end up scaling back in order to focus on birthday awesomeness.

This shot shell Fourth of July wreath is super easy to make, but it will take you an hour or two, so put on a good movie or Duck Dynasty reruns and bust out that hot glue gun.

All you need is:
shot gun shells (shoot them first!), in this case red, white, and blue
hot glue gun and glue sticks
straw wreath form

Okay maybe you need clay pigeons too. You'll need quite a pile of shells!

Photo courtesy of Snow Capped Dreams photography, AKA Crafty Honey Badger Mia.  She took the picture because she is awesome (obviously) and the wreath was a homemade Christmas present, that my husband made for her.  Yes, you read that right, my husband made it for her, isn't he the best? I helped him shoot all those shot shells though, and taught him to be a hot glue gunning machine.

Doesn't the smell of hot glue just improve your mood or is it just me?  Just knowing that something amazing is about to be born gets me excited to see the result! 

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