Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello World, I'm Carol!

Hi,  Doylenn is my daughter and Mia is my son's wife, therefore, she's my daughter too.  I live on a ranch in beautiful southwest Colorado where we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and abundant wildlife.  My husband and I moved to his family ranch about a year ago and I'm actively involved in the ranch.    I grew up on a ranch miles from town and attended one of the last one room school houses in the United States, through 8th grade. I love to hunt, sew, read, craft and spend time with my family and friends.  I also love being Gramma to my two beautiful granddaughters, Harlee and Cheyenne.  I like to make things, proving that homemade is better than store bought.  I am learning about essential oils.  I like do it yourself projects and since we moved into a 100 year old house, hopefully that will be useful.  You'll be seeing before and after pics of our projects and upgrades.  I own a commercial embroidery business,  which I've had for 14 years now, but I prefer my ranch duties which include feeding cows and checking for new calves, plus all other cattle care when needed, caring for the chickens when my mother-in-law is away, plus irrigating and haying in the summer.  I'm loving using the new John Deere tractor that my mother-in-law dubbed Granny Green.  I'm anxious to share my projects and my life with you. 

This is a newborn calf less than 12 hours old.  Granddaughter Cheyenne named her Luna.

This is my husband Paul and our dog Clancy getting acquainted with a calf.

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