Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello World! I'm Mia!

Hi! I am stoked to be a part of Crafty Honey Badgers with two amazing women that I have the privilege to call my family! I can't wait to share parts of my life and adventures with you!

I'm A wife to a power plant worker but to my family a total woods junkie. My passion for the outdoors  consisting of photography, hunting, fishing and hiking are a constant pull in my day to day. When it comes to the home front though my love for cooking and crafting creativity passed down from my Gram & Mom keep me occupied.

You will see me post yummy recipes, fun crafts, photography tips, photoshop tips and share my passion for wildlife conservation groups that help preserve a great habitat for our wildlife to thrive in for future generations to see and hunt.

I hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy sharing it with you!

Fall Photos from Owl Creek & Last Dollar Passes

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