Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Stacked Pot

Merry Christmas EVE, EVE!!!!!!!

Last year while staring at all my put up Christmas decorations. I couldn't help but think of more DIY Christmas cheer! The Christmas stacked pot was created.

While shopping I picked up three plastic planters in size sequence. Red outdoor spray paint. Potting soil. A wooden "Merry Christmas" sign. Some fake Christmas greenery. Couple Christmas solar lights. Some extra trimmings from your Christmas tree, or wreath. 

NO snow for my Colorado Christmas? I need all my un raked leaves covered! haha!

Spray paint your three pots and allow to dry. Fill with potting soil, you don't need to fill completely since you need wiggle room to stack the pot and to fill in with greenery. Take your extra tree trimmings  and fill in the pots. Now the fun part! Add in all your accessories and BAM... A beautiful Christmas stacked pot for your porch! 

You can even add some lights to this pot besides the solar ones. I have found some LED battery pack lights that are really neat. Green wire with red lights to weave through your wreaths or decorations and all needed to turn on is a flick of the switch on your battery pack!  

So here you go. An easy DIY Christmas decoration project you can throw together last minute to impress your Christmas guests!! Get to stackin'! 

Merry Christmas!!!

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