Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Girls Fourth of July outfit

Last year I really really wanted to be on top of things and get this post done before the Fourth.  Then we took off on a road trip to North Dakota to find us a house to live in.  I posted it anyways after the holiday (on my old blog) and I thought for sure this year I would post it here way before hand.  But July is here already.  Still I'm glad it's not after the holiday. So I'm still not a complete slacker right?

I sewed these but I think you could use my best friend hot glue too.  I'm just not sure how that would hold up in the wash.

 I made the skirts using this tutorial.  (Links to my old blog Redneck Soccer Mom.)

The shirts where a LOT faster to make. 

I cute a rectangle of fabric 3.5'' by 2.5'' and folded the edges under.  Next, I pinned it on the shirt and sewed around the rectangle as close to the edge as possible.

 I cut red rick rack, 2 shorter pieces and 3 longer pieces per shirt. I burned the ends of each piece so it wouldn't ravel.  Then I sprayed them with spray adhesive.  Which, if anyone knows how to get spray adhesive off a rotary cutting mat, then I would really love to know.  Cause I have washed it several times and it is still sticky...still sticky a year later.

After I sprayed them I stuck them all on the shirts and then sewed a single line down each piece.
That's it! Your done!

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