Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chocolate Dipped Mint Leaves

This past month I fell in love with a mint bush I was gifted. I love the smell, the taste, Just had no clue of anything fun to do with it. I have thought about teas and jelly.. Nothing really exciting popped into my head until we were headed home from our trip and drove past an olive garden. LIGHT BULB! I love their after dinner candies. They hit the spot and bring a meal to a close. So why not do an upscale version of an after dinner bite with chocolate dipped mint leaves? Oh yes! This just happened and they are delicious bites to end a wonderful meal with! Specially if you have a white chocolate dipped on... That is my favorite!

Make a good sized batch of these and have in your freezer ready to go!! Or make big batches during the holidays for a light candy! 

Sucks when you can't grab one of these through the screen, huh? Darn!
Chocolate Dipped Mint Leaves

20 Mint leaves
1/4 Cup melted dark chocolate
1/4 Cup melted white chocolate
Wax paper lined 13x9 cookie sheet

Using a double boiler melt down your chocolates separately. Pour melted chocolates into two separate little saucers to dip out of. Take ten leaves to dip on one and one in another. When dipping a leaf get both sides coated by sliding it through the chocolate. Allowing it to drip excess chocolate and then lay it on wax paper to dry. I let them completely harden in the freezer then put em zip-locs to keep in the freezer!

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