Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sausage Swiss Chard Pasta

We participate in Bountiful Baskets.  Haven't heard of Bountiful Baskets?  Go to bountifulbaskets.org.  It's a food coop.  Fresh produce delivered to many areas.  Got two beautiful bunches of Rainbow Swiss Chard in the last basket.

 What to do with it?  I've only had it sauteed in butter.  Which is delicious but I wanted a little something more.  I have some fresh elk sausage in the freezer I've been wanting to try.  Whipped a pound of Italian Elk Sausage out of the freezer and browned it in a skillet.  (And yes, I harvested the elk.) Added some butter (the real stuff) and piled an entire bunch of the Swiss Chard which I had chopped on top of that.  While that was cooking, I started a pot of water boiling for pasta.  Had a bit of veggie spirals and a bit of rotini.  While that was cooking I found a jar of Ragu Parmesan Garlic Sauce in the pantry.  Ah hah!  Poured that over the top.  Of course I didn't take pictures as I was making this up as I went.  Honey Badger Mia and her spouse was here and reminded me I should post this....  Thanks Mia!  When it was all hot and finished cooking.  We spooned the sausage swiss chard mixture over the pasta.  And it was delicious!

In this picture you can see all the delicious components -- the green, red and orange of the swiss chard, the yummy sausage, the different pastas and the parmesan garlic pasta sauce.

It was appealing to the eye and yummy.  Not to mention easy!

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