Friday, May 16, 2014

Baby Bunny Love!

So the other day my family and I were walking around in the field and picking wild asparagus. Just enjoying a nice sunny day and soaking it in. As I walk to some asparagus this rabbit dashes out in front of me of course sending me into a slight cardiac arrest... I mean c'mon who doesn't jump when bunnies do that? Okay, Okay, OKAY... Fine, I'm a jumpy person. ANYWAYS! My husband, Westen tells me, "Hey Mia there's another bunny there in the side of the ditch."

Bunny family!
Being the animal lover I am I wanted to see how close I could get to the bunny for some pictures. As I get closer I see the bunny was acting different. Would not move. I was shocked and was wondering if the bunny has some disease or something and was dying. I quickly notice that was not the case. She had babies! They were hours old if that. It was one of the coolest things I has seen in a while.

Tending to her babies!
I sat there basically sitting in the same ditch she was in. I was taking these pictures with just my cell phone. Yes, my CELL PHONE! I was that close! Just when I thought that this couldn't get any more awesome the daddy bunny (Or so I'm assuming?) came back around from where he went when he flushed out. He stood his ground right above the mommy bunny and just watched. I was not only in shock but just amazed by what I was watching.

See them??? Hard I know but they are there! 
So anyone who knows me is probably like really? Mia... you hunt rabbits.. Your amazed by little rabbits? Okay I see where your coming from, but this was really cool I thought. I hunt elk & deer but could spend hours just sitting amongst them watching their day to day. Were surrounded by amazing wildlife and how they go from their day to day can be fascinating. I love nature and I'm dedicated to preserving habitat and conserving the wildlife the land thrives with. Amazing how god created all of this for us to see and enjoy and pass on for future generations to see and enjoy. 

Happy Mothers Day bunny family!

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